Meet Yvonne

Yvonne wants to be your Member of Parliament to advocate for our community, help our neighbourhoods recover, and secure opportunity for the future of all Canadians.

For over 25 years, Yvonne Robertson has called Toronto’s Don Valley West home. It’s where she’s made a living and raised her family.

Toronto is where Yvonne has grown successful small businesses, ranging from industrial electrical components to consumer goods, all creating jobs at home and exporting products around the world.

Yvonne wants to be your Member of Parliament for Don Valley West to give Toronto a voice in Ottawa, rather than the other way around.

If you believe we need to raise the expectations of our leaders and hold them accountable for their decisions, Yvonne needs your support for this to happen. There needs to be accountability when a politician announces a big project with a big cheque, but there’s no follow up and nothing seems to get done.

Yvonne wants to be your advocate to get local concerns heard and ensure people get the supports needed.

Yvonne has a degree in Political Science and Economics from Bishop’s University and a law degree from the University of London and most importantly, decades of on-the-ground experience building businesses and international markets for Canadian products.

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Secure the future, help elect Erin O’Toole’s Conservatives and get Canada’s economy back on track.

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